Named products that are better not to eat for Breakfast

Названы продукты, которые лучше не есть на завтрак

Than they can be replaced.

According to nutritionists, a healthy Breakfast should be 400-700 calories and such nutrients that delight will charge the body with energy. But not all products can be served in the morning to the table. Many popular dishes is actually harmful to eat on an empty stomach, even if we got used to them since childhood. Check whether harmful for your Breakfast, reports the with reference to

We have compiled a list of products, with which it is better not to start your day.

1. Pancakes, pancakesDelicious pancakes and pancake themselves too nutritious and with toppings in the form of sweet sauces and jams leads to an increased concentration of insulin in the blood. In addition to excess weight such Breakfast unpleasant affect mood and make a person irritable.

Tip: Try new recipes, replace ordinary flour for oatmeal, and sweet toppings — fresh fruit and berries. Fruits and berries should not be too much, as on an empty stomach they can cause flatulence.

2. Muesli and cereals

In the composition of Breakfast cereals many simple carbohydrates, but no fiber and proteins. The study showed that high carbohydrate Breakfast lead to overeating during lunch and dinner. The subjects who ate in the morning, 3 grams of protein and 44 grams of carbohydrates, faster felt hunger than those who ate a protein food. People with a tendency to diabetes and young children consumption of Breakfast cereals is better not to restrict because of the abundance of sugar.

Tip: Choose corn flakes and muesli without sugar, and to compensate for a lack of protein, for Breakfast add nuts, seeds and flax seeds.

3. Toasted white bread

White bread itself is not sufficiently nutritious, and crisp makes it not only tasty, but also harmful. The more fried, the toast, the more it has carcinogens that cause cancer and other diseases.

Tip: Replace white bread whole grain, and fans of toast to keep on the bread not formed a burnt crust.

4. Nutella and other chocolate paste

Scientists estimate that 2 tablespoons of Nutella contain 83% of the daily value of sugar for women. Such a sweet first dose in the morning will improve your mood, but the energy quickly evaporate, and in its place will come a feeling of fatigue. In addition, this toothpaste contains palm oil, but it is not the best choice for those who are watching their health.

Tip: Sweet chocolate paste can be replaced by peanut butter that has no sugar, but a lot of protein and healthy fats.

5. White rice (rice porridge)

White rice is a champion in content of carbohydrates. Because of the abundance of starch and lack of roughage it is, according to studies, can cause problems with digestion.

Tip: White rice can be replaced brown, he is slowly digested for a long time and provides the body with energy. To prepare Breakfast faster, soak the rice in the evening with plain water.

6. Smoothies

Making smoothies, we can overdo the amount of ingredients. Fruits and vegetables lose their shape and creates a false sense that the portion is too small to satisfy hunger. It remains to decorate all with whipped cream, which will make the mixture more calorie. In the end, the smoothie becomes too rich and rich sugar Breakfast. In addition, popular in the preparation of fruit smoothies, such as bananas, mangoes and oranges, do not eat on an empty stomach.

Tip: you Can use a measuring Cup to determine the optimal amount of ingredients for smoothies.

7. Milk

Scientists do not recommend to drink milk on an empty stomach, because it increases the production of acid in the stomach and, consequently, causes heartburn. However, milk can cause rashes on the skin in people prone to acne.

Tip: Drink milk at Breakfast, but not on an empty stomach, and after taking the meals.

8. Low-fat yogurt

Nonfat yogurt, according to scientists, contains more beneficial nutrients than a serving of ice cream. If you are a healthy diet, don’t abandon milk fat, because it stimulates the production of the hormone cholecystokinin. This hormone is in moderate quantities, promotes weight loss, increases resistance to stress and improves mood.

Tip: Choose natural yogurt with a fat content of from 3 to 5 %.

9. Pre-made sandwiches

Sometimes not having Breakfast at home, we snack fast food. The sandwiches from vending machines and fast food sometimes exceeded the concentration of carcinogens, preservatives and unhealthy fats. Heavy food since the morning overloads the digestive system with unnecessary calories.

Tip: Make your own sandwiches, choosing fresh and healthy foods.

10. Sausage

The sausages contain fat, salt, flavor additives and preservatives, which in itself is not only irritating the stomach wall in the morning, but, according to the scientists, increases the risk of cancer.

Tip: Boiled or roast chicken may be the best alternative to sausages at Breakfast.

11. Bacon and eggs

Nutritionists do not recommend regular Breakfast with bacon and eggs because it has a lot of cholesterol and saturated fats, which leads to risk of development of cardiovascular diseases.

Tip: Scrambled eggs for Breakfast are much healthier fried bacon and eggs. The omelette you can add veggies, such as tomatoes or broccoli.

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