Named products that cause infertility

Названы продукты, которые провоцируют бесплодие

All the women took a survey at a reception at the midwife.

Scientists from Britain and Australia and came to the conclusion that a craving for fast food and scarcity of fruits in the diet of women can lead to difficulties within a desired pregnancy.

The researchers studied the results of surveys 5598 residents of the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand aged from 18 to 43 years. All the women held a poll on the reception of the midwives in the early stages of her first pregnancy. The patient was told that was part of their diet a month before conception.

The average lover of burgers and pizza became pregnant a month later than those who adhered to a healthy diet, writes Naked-science. Three to four servings of fruit per day, on the contrary, accelerated the conception in about two weeks. Oddly enough, the amount of greenery and fish in the diet did not affect the timing of the pregnancy.

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