Named simple recipe for Vim and vigor

Назван простой рецепт бодрости по утрам

Those who wants to Wake up, scientists suggest to forget about coffee and the Elevator.

A quick walk up the stairs tones the best of any caffeine, say scientists from the University of Georgia, reports the with reference to Healthy Style.

This is the conclusion they came after conducted an experiment with students who sleep on average less than 6.5 hours a day and complain of chronic sleep deprivation. One experiment participants were given pills with caffeine and placebo, and also to drink soda and others asked for 10 minutes with a low speed to climb the stairs, passing a total of up to 30 floors.

“We found that when caffeine and when placebo significant changes in the body does not happen,- said Professor of the University of Georgia Patrick O’connor. — As for physical exercise, such as climbing stairs, they significantly increase energy and give a lot more strength. The sense of tidal forces were much stronger than receiving 50 milligrams of caffeine”.

It is known that Bank “Diet coke” contains 41 mg of caffeine and a Cup of latte – 77 mg. in order to check the effect after a medication or walk the stairs, the volunteers were asked to undergo a series of tests both verbally and on the computer. It turned out that those who took caffeine in pill form, and those who walked up the stairs, no significant changes in the state of memory or concentration did not happen.

However, walking stairs increased the motivation to work and gave energy, which can also be considered a considerable plus.

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