Named tested folk remedy for cough

Названо проверенное народное средство от кашля

When cold, this drink is simply irreplaceable.With the first fallen leaf rains begin, and the body, unaccustomed to the damp and cold, responds to a cold.

Cough, weakness, injections, bitter pill – they will be your companions for a week, as soon as you soak your feet, forget an umbrella or wear a warm enough jacket, writes the with reference to

As soon as you notice the first signs of a cold, you should use the remedy on the basis of cognac. Of course, children this treatment is not suitable – you need to make softer options. But for adults, where every day counts, this drink is simply irreplaceable!

The use of components of the beverageBrandy improves absorption of vitamin C, so in combination with products containing it, you significantly strengthen the immune system. It also has an antibacterial effect.

The milk soothes the throat, facilitating expectoration. It perfectly restores strength, saturating the body, even if you have no appetite.

Honey is known for its antiseptic properties. It also reduces inflammation, eases headache and soothes the cough. Honey gives the body energy and helps recover faster.

Brandy with milk

Drink recipeWhat you need1 Cup. молока1 tbsp коньяка1 tsp. honey

How to cookHeat milk in saucepan or microwave.Dissolve honey in it, pour in the brandy and mix again. Can add an egg yolk for a better enveloping effect.Drink immediately.

Drink this drink at night, so after that there was no need to go outside, wrap up warm and sleep well. The next morning you will feel much better.

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