Named the amount, which the Ukrainians will cost the New year celebration

Названа сумма, в которую украинцам обойдется празднование Нового года

Despite the predictions of sociologists that the costs of the celebration of the New 2018 can reach 12 thousand hryvnia per household, in reality, only 7.2 percent of the respondents will be able to afford holiday budget in excess of 5000 UAH. About it tell the data of poll of the Association of hospitality industry of Ukraine.

In the budget of the celebration sociologists include the cost of the holiday table, gifts for family members and friends, buying new clothes and tickets for a festive performance. It will need 12 thousand hryvnia.

To reduce costs of 76 percent of Ukrainians are going, meeting the year of Yellow earth Pig at home, in the family circle.

If to speak about priority spending on a celebration, 32 percent of citizens are willing to allocate for the purchase of food, spirits and gifts from 630 to 1,700 hryvnia. While almost the same number of people (30.1 per cent) stated that they will not be able to afford to spend and 600 hryvnia. 22.3 percent of respondents are willing to spend 1600 to 2000 hryvnia, and those who are planning to have some fun in the amount of from 2000 to 8000 UAH only 8.5 percent.

It should be noted that the figures this year are almost identical to last year.

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