Named the best auto models for students

Названы лучшие модели авто для студентов

Experts have made a rating of five machines.

Students mostly big Finance do not have, so if you buy a car, they are more likely to pay attention to its accessibility and practicality, according to the with reference to AvtoDream.

The first named hatchback Volkswagen Golf of the fourth generation was produced until 2004. Despite the age, the model remains quite robust, and it can be purchased from 1 800 to 2 300 dollars. The salon will appreciate the comfort, and the appearance the car is quite stylish. In movement it leads 1.4-liter engine that generates 75 HP

Next is Nissan Almera 2000 model year. It is suitable more for those who do not want to go on the banal car. The model is available in sedan and hatchback, the petrol engine is more common. Speaking of the power plant– 1,5-1,8-liter engines Nissan QG. The car also reliability and ruggedness, with mileage you can buy up to 2 $ 350.

The most picky students can look at the Renault Logan first generation. The most common car used in a taxi service. But to search for is patience. The most acceptable variant will cost $ 1900.

For students who have a large stock of finances, you can pay attention to the Mazda 3. Stylish instance 2005 edition will cost $ 2,500 – sedan and five-door hatchback. The first generation car in technical terms of the claims does not cause, but you should pay attention to, is the paintwork.

The latter is represented in the model list – LADA 2110. Of course, it lags behind previous versions in appearance and technical condition, but its price will appreciate only 790 dollars. Such a small value of the machine involves a number of difficulties that may arise during operation. But details on it to find no problems, and the price is affordable. So Lada 2110 not a bad option hone your driving skills.

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