Named the best herbs that lower pressure

Названы лучшие лекарственные травы, понижающие давление

One of the best folk remedies recognized nettles.

Hypertension is very common today, the condition that requires constant monitoring and therapy. Along with medications, to stabilize high blood pressure help herbs. Special attention in this matter deserves the nettle, according to the with reference to Healthy Living.

Hypertension affects people of different ages. Every year, this kind of disease of the cardiovascular system “younger”, and found not only the elderly but also among young people. The pressure increase during exercise or stress is normal reaction of the body, but with regular expression you should think about the condition, as it does not exclude the development of hypertension.

The disease is associated with obstruction of the circulation of blood through the vessels due to the formation of plaques on the walls of the small arteries, is responsible for this process, and this leads to oxygen starvation and, subsequently, the defeat and failure of internal organs. In the elderly it contributes to the development of atherosclerosis with concomitant spasm of blood vessels, which can cause a stroke or heart attack.

High blood pressure prescribed drugs-pressure stabilizer, a special diet and advised to keep a daily control. Traditional medicine is also not lagging behind in this matter – a sedative herb, has a calming effect, can become a real helper to people povyshennym pressure.

Nettles, for example, is a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins, and infusions and decoctions of its leaves and juice not only heals the whole body, but also help with hypertension. In the preparation of medicinal drugs this plant can be combined with other herbs, such as Chernogolovka, white mulberry, cottonweed marsh, Sophora, elecampane, buckwheat flowers, motherwort, rosemary, shepherd’s purse. Great fights hypertension a mixture of decoction of nettles with potato juice, honey or yogurt.

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