Named the best used electric cars

Названы лучшие подержанные электромобили

Best electric cars, according to experts, is the Renault Zoe.Experts of the British edition of What Car has made a rating of the best electric cars and hybrids, which are sold in the secondary market, writes the with reference to Avtodream

The tenth row, took the BMW i8 hybrid, the car can be recharged from the mains, and use exclusively for the movement of electric traction. The machine age 3-4 years can be bought for 60-70 thousand dollars. Ninth place belongs to the Audi A3 e-tron, which is sold at a price of 20 thousand dollars over a three-year option. Buy Kia Soul EV mileage is around 25 thousand dollars.

The hybrid Toyota Prius, located in seventh place, presented on a secondary market in a large number of options that will allow you to pick up the car on almost any budget. Sixth place went to the Nissan Leaf, but with the purchase of the model one should pay attention to the condition of the battery, as its not cheap to replace.

In fifth position is the Opel Ampera with approximate cost 18-20 thousand dollars. Fourth place is the Volkswagen Golf GTE, this car should give more than 20 thousand dollars. The third row belongs to Honda CR-Z, if you opt for a car by the age of eight years, you can get 6-7 thousand dollars.

In the second stage the rating was BMW 330e, the initial price for a used vehicle is 30 thousand dollars. Best electric cars, according to experts, is the Renault Zoe. By purchasing this car, note that each month will have to pay for the lease of the battery which will be replaced for free if it will not work.

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