Named the European country with the worst roads

Названа европейская страна с самыми плохими дорогами

Often announces larger travel plans, but every time something interferes with them.

Despite the growing need of improving infrastructure that would allow people and goods to move faster across the country and in Western Europe, the construction of highways in Romania is progressing very slowly – by 22 kilometers per year. It is reported by Euronews, reports the with reference to the UNN.

The calculations were carried out by experts of local non-governmental organization Pro Infrastructure, which monitors the status of the road network of Romania. The length of highways in the country is 750 kilometers is only 5% of all road infrastructure. Bucharest annually announces larger travel plans, but every time something interferes with them.

In addition, ineffective planning of road construction sometimes leads to disaster. In 2015, due to landslides have hit parts of the new motorway on the West of the country. Due to lack of high speed roads the tourism sector suffers, but the transport companies incur even greater economic losses.

Romania is part of important pan-European transport corridor No. 4, which leads from the sea terminal in Constantina, on the Black sea to Thessaloniki in the South of Europe in Greece and then West to Dresden and Nuremberg in Germany. Road infrastructure plays an important role in the overall relationship of roads. The Romanian part of the corridor is 834 km, but only works 70%.

Matteo Patrone, regional Director of EBRD (European Bank for reconstruction and development) in Romania and Bulgaria: “Infrastructure is the basis for the rapprochement between the different regions of the country and one of the main components for this. In Romania there is a clear infrastructure gap. There are only 750 kilometers of roads, is the country with the most poorly developed road network in the EU, in terms of population and area. There is still much to be done.”

According to a study by the world economic forum, last year Romania took the last – 28th place in the list of EU countries by quality of road infrastructure, and in 2015 – 25 place for completion rate of the TRANS-European transport network TEN-T.

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