Named the healthy properties of cherries

Названы полезные для здоровья свойства вишни

The cherries season is just beginning, so it’s time to learn about the benefits of this berry.

In the summer everyone has a real opportunity to enrich the diet of vitamin products and replace high-calorie desserts and meat dishes.

Cherries – sour-sweet berry, which can become a worthy alternative to candy, only more useful.

How useful cherries?

– due to the b vitamins cherry provides powerful support to the nervous system, skin, hair and nails;

– thanks to vitamin A in cherries you can be sure that the sight will not sit down with years;

– cherry is a source of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system, cares about the health of the heart and blood vessels, and also keeps you young;

coumarins are included in the composition of the pulp of the cherries, increase the tone of the body;

– volatile, cherry equate to antibiotics, cleansing the body of harmful bacteria;

in cherry contains substances that improve digestion, suppress appetite and help you to effectively drop those extra pounds;

– cherry is considered an excellent diuretic, and therefore its advised to have high blood pressure to reduce blood pressure.

In folk medicine, the use of cherries?

Headaches – fresh pulp of the berries is applied to the forehead, and remove after 15.

To get rid of joint pain – every day should eat a handful of cherries.

If plagued by constipation cherry juice can help.

To eliminate the symptoms of a cold will help cherry-infused red wine. Her recipe is quite simple: pounds of berries, pour a liter of dry red wine, put on slow fire, bring to boil and then another 15 minutes. Add 200-300 g of sugar, stir and let stand for several hours. Pour into a glass jar and take 2-3 50 ml glass per day for colds. Store in the refrigerator, but before use, allow to warm to room temperature.

As you can see, cherry can bring many health benefits, so now is the time to — to lay to the berry and not to forget to freeze some for the winter, then to enjoy summer flavor and enrich the body with useful substances.

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