Named the most beautiful girl in the world (photos, video)

Названа самая красивая девушка мира (фото, видео)

In the Chinese city of Sanya held the finals of a prestigious beauty contest “Miss world-2018”. Recall the “FACTS” carried a live broadcast of the final competition.

For the right to have the honorary title fought participants aged 16 to 26 years from 118 countries. The winner was the representative of Mexico, Vanessa de Leon (pictured).

The five finalists included girls from Belarus, Thailand, Jamaica, Mexico and Uganda. To do this they had to pass many tests, among which dance and intellectual competitions.

Названа самая красивая девушка мира (фото, видео)

Ukraine was represented at the contest 19-year-old Leonila GUZ. “Thank you to my entire team!”, — posted by Leonila in the social network before the final.

All participants spent in China three weeks preparing for the big event by attending dinner parties and charity events.

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