Named the most boring tourist attraction in the world

Названы самые скучные туристические достопримечательности в мире

Australian traveler and writer Ben Groundwater made a list of the most overrated tourist destinations in the world, writes

In the first place was the island of Odaiba in Tokyo. According to experts, the Japanese capital is more authentic and interesting places such as Shinjuku, Ebisu and Naka-Meguro.

“Why go to this old industrial district that is now filled with American shops and great restaurants with tasteless food?” he writes.

Overrated attraction, the Aussie said, and the town hall glockenspiel in Munich. He is confident that the historic streets and parks of the city is much more exciting than watching “several figures whirling to the tune for 12 minutes.”

The list also got the Shanghai Bund sightseeing tunnel and the Madame Tussauds Museum in Amsterdam. Part of the Shanghai subway traveler does not consider worthy of attention, because most people get off at the other end of the tunnel, adorned with thousands of projector and lamp, and did not notice his beauty.

The Museum Groundwater called the most boring part of a vibrant and exciting Amsterdam.

Another uninteresting, in his view, landmark show “Symphony of lights” in Hong Kong and the forbidden city in Beijing.

“I love Beijing for its history, old tea, the sights of the Mao era, but absolutely don’t like the Forbidden city. The name of the Palace complex sounds is gloomy and mysterious, but getting there, the man is in the crowd of tourists”, – writes the Australian.

Rounded out its list of the Spanish steps in Rome and Hollywood “walk of fame” in Los Angeles.

The ladder Ben called “simply ugly”, but in Los Angeles it is advised to visit the area of Santa Monica, not looking at the same type of stars with names of celebrities.