Named the most dangerous city in the world

Названы самые опасные города в мире

Crime Rate Index is compiled and published annually.

Crime Rate Index is compiled and published annually by the site Numbeo, one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, offering users the ability to share information on prices and to assess the level of criminality, quality of care and other parameters of life in their cities. Thus, it is largely subjective, but allows you to get a General impression of life in these cities, reports the with reference to

Three Israeli cities included in a new rating of the most criminal cities in the world in 2018. But they occupy a very low place, and it pleases. Jerusalem 177 the place, Haifa on 219-m, and tel Aviv on 229 in the list, which is included in this year’s 346 cities,

The most criminal countries recognized by South Africa and Brazil. The TOP 15 got 5 cities from each of these two countries. USA – in the second ten, the 3 most criminal American cities are Detroit, Baltimore and Albuquerque (respectively, 18, 19 and 22 space). The cities of the Russian title of the criminal “deserved” – Novosibirsk, but the overall place in rating it quite low, 136. Moscow on 175 place, St. Petersburg 209-M.

Numbeo users assign grades on a five-point scale, while the rating is on a 100-point. It evaluates the level of crime is not so much objective indicators (number of committed crimes or court sentences, for example), and on feelings, podozreniem and fears of the residents. Than stronger they are, the worse the situation in a particular city. People speak out about their fears of invasion of bandits in their residence, vehicle theft, street violence, armed robbery, etc. – all 12 indicators. “Reverse” index, cited here, is the rating of protection of citizens.

The most quiet in the world this year, recognized by Abu Dhabi (UAE), Doha (Qatar), Osaka (Japan), Quebec (Canada) and Singapore. And the ease of just bandits feel in San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras.

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