Named the most effective ways to prevent SARS

Названы самые эффективные способы профилактики ОРВИ

Simple steps can help reduce the risk of disease.

How to best protect themselves from the SARS virus and keep the immune system in the most dangerous time of the year? European specialists, immunologists and virologists, made a list of actionable recommendations that can help to maintain health during the season of colds and flu, according to the with reference to 24apteka.

One of the reasons that people often ProStreet autumn and winter is the cooling of the nose, says Professor Ron Eccles from the center of studies colds at the University of Cardiff.

Expert advice to protect your nose from hypothermia and literally warm – for example, inhaling steam. If the nose temperature decreases, it slows down the blood circulation and, hence, slows the movement of immune cells fighting pathogens.

In addition, to protect against colds, it is useful to wash the nose with salt water. Research scientists from the University of Pennsylvania showed that salt nasal rinses effectively reduces the number of microbes in the nasal passages and prevents the virus to multiply and penetrate into the body.

Another tip from the experts: wash clothes in hot water.

In the midst of viral diseases physicians advise to wash in water temperature below 40 degrees – this helps to kill the germs that get on the clothes (especially the one that is often worn at work and then someone coughs and sneezes).

In the season of colds and flu it is important to prevent a lack of vitamin D in the body. According to experts at the University of Colorado, vitamin D deficiency is associated with a decrease in the production of substances that stimulate the immune system.

The risk of catching a cold in these circumstances is increased by at least a third. The best sources of vitamin D are cod liver oil, fatty fish, eggs, dairy products.

Also doctors recommend eating less sweets.

Scientific evidence suggests that an excess of sweet in the diet inhibits the activity of immune cells called phagocytes and they begin to miss of microbes instead of to destroy.

Those who cannot do without sweets, I should eat instead of cookies and sweets and dry fruits.

In addition, effective remedy for colds and flu is an 8-hour sleep.

The study by researchers from Yale University shows that people who sleep less than 7 hours a day, three times more susceptible to respiratory infection than sleeping for 8 hours.

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