Named the most healthy beverage for intestinal health

Назван самый полезный напиток для здоровья кишечника

5 days on cherry juice also drastically improve your health.The use of cherry juice only for 5 days already transformerait intestinal health.

After getting the antioxidants from the cherries split, the level of good bacteria inside a person grows up, writes the with reference to ladyhealth. We all know how important it is to keep the balance of bacteria in the gut. Beneficial bacteria strengthen our immune system, promote digestion and protect against a number of disorders.

In order to increase the number of beneficial intestinal bacteria can be consumed the cherry juice only for 5 days. The Montmorency cherries contain polyphenols, which promote the survival and reproduction of good bacteria. The fact that antioxidants protect the intestinal lining and reduce inflammation that is beneficial to the bacteria. “Montmorency cherries perfectly logical were selected for our study because of the unique composition of polyphenols, say researchers from the University of Arkansas. – Our findings suggest that the unique combination of polyphenols in these cherries positively alters the microbiome of the intestine, which leads to far-reaching positive implications for health.” Earlier, another group of researchers found that a bottle of water per day, positively affect “good” bacteria that can fight childhood obesity. We are talking about water that contains a nutritional Supplement with prebiotics. Just for one year, this drink can bring back the obese children to normal weight. Made such conclusion the canadian scientists from the University of calgary.

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