Named the most highly paid writers of the world

Названы самые высокооплачиваемые писатели мира

American magazine Forbes has published the ranking of the highest paid writers. First place was taken by detectives about inspector Alex Cross James Patterson. The Creator of the novels “along came a spider”, “Kiss the girls” for the year earned 86 million dollars. Summer sale Thriller called “the President has disappeared”, which was written by Patterson in collaboration with the 42nd US President bill Clinton.

In second place this time was the author of books about Harry Potter JK Rowling with an income of $ 54 million. Last year the British writer was the leader of the same list.

In third place is the “king of horror” Stephen king. Its revenue totaled $ 21 million. Selling books king have intensified after 2017 was filmed his novel “It”.

In the ranking of the highest paid writers were also the author of legal thrillers John Grisham, Creator of the novels “the da Vinci Code” and “the origin of the” Dan brown, children’s author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney (world fame brought him a bestseller “diary of a weakling”), journalist Michael Wolfe with his controversial book “the fire and the fury: inside the White house trump”, the Creator of Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan and the authors love and erotic novels — Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele and Eric Leonard James.

and also on how many earned popular musicians over the past year.

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