Named the most popular cars in Europe

Названы самые популярные автомобили в странах Европы

In the UK often buy a Ford.

Experts of the analytical Agency identified the most popular vehicle for motorists 2018.

In this rating includes cars, whose sales this year have achieved a high result, and therefore, based on the volume of sales you can understand which vehicles are the most needed. Germans can be called patriots, they choose to a greater percentage of the brand Volkswagen, as it is a favorite among residents of France and Italy.

The number of sales for the period January-July amounted to about 455 thousand cars. The most popular model, according to experts remains the Volkswagen Golf. Motorists France will not change their producers, the most popular brands remain Rеnаult, Pеugeоt, Citrоen.

In the UK often buy a Ford, about 211 thousand cars were sold since the beginning of the year at the moment, 56 thousand is necessary on Ford Fiesta.

Down the line of popularity is the Volkswagen Polo and bronze in the charts took the Ford Focus. Spain occupied a vacillating position, opinion was divided, but still the most favorite transport movement remains Peugeot. The top most popular car in this country came in a Volkswagen Golf and Renault.

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