Named the most popular cars in Europe

Названы самые востребованные автомобили Европы

The rating was made by independent experts.

The status of a leader of car market in Europe in January-June 2018 has maintained Volkswagen Golf. This is stated in the Top, compiled by analysts, according to the with reference for car Enthusiasts.

In the European car market during the reporting 6 months of Volkswagen Golf bought 291,5 thousand buyers, which is 6.4% greater than the total of a year ago.

The 2nd tier is a Renault Clio, which has sold 270 thousand units, an increase of 2.5 percent.

The Volkswagen Polo stopped 203 thousand Europeans, which is 1.4% lower than a year earlier. This has provided a third place.

4th and 5th place was shared by the American Ford Fiesta and the Volkswagen Tiguan, whose sales amounted to 162 thousand units (-1,4%) and 159.5 thousand copies (+8.9 percent) vehicles respectively. By the way, the VW Tiguan was the most popular model in the SUV segment.

In addition, the ranking of the most popular cars on the European car market also entered the Japanese Nissan Qashqai (156 of 400 units; +1%), Czech Skoda Octavia ( 146.1 thousand units; +8.2 percent), French Peugeot 208 (135.7 per thousand PCs.; -6,5%), the American Ford Focus (133,2 PCs; and 2.8 percent.) and the French Citroen C3 (1231, thousand units; 1.6 million, percent).

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