Named the number of illegal filling stations in Ukraine

Названо количество нелегальных АЗС в Украине

They do not pay taxes, so they set lower prices.

In each market segment there are phenomena, such as unfair competition. First of all, growth in illegal distribution networks. This also applies to gas stations, reports the with reference to

As the Director of “Consulting group A-95” Sergey Kuiun, in Ukraine, the dominance of a large number of small barrels of diesel fuel or liquefied gas. All of those points are illegal, working without documents, cash registers. This leads to the fact that they retard sales legal operators, because of low prices, sometimes the difference is 7 UAH. After all, these illegals do not pay taxes.

Legal operators have to worry. The costs of doing business remain at the same level, but sales volumes are falling. The success of the illegal distribution networks of petroleum products depends on low prices. Today the number of illegal immigrants reaches 1.5 thousands of filling stations across Ukraine. Epicenters – Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv region. But they spread further. This is at the level of the epidemic.

The volume of illegal sales of gasoline exceeded 15-17% of the market. For liquefied gas is about 30-50%. This situation has not only legal operators, it affects the tax revenue affects the quality of oil products on the market.

The main oil field in Ukraine is concentrated in the East. In Krivoy Rog two weeks ago was blocked by the operation of the refinery, which used raw materials stolen from the state of the pipeline Kremenchug-Odessa. Today blocking the operation of the plant by forces of SBU, the state-owned company “Ukrtransnafta”.

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