NASA denies that in the 1970’s found on Mars life

NASA отрицает, что в 1970-е на Марсе нашли жизнь

The American space Agency denies the rumor that in the 70s on the red planet was discovered signs of life.

NASA experts refute the explosive claim by former employee that the space Agency “found evidence of life” on Mars in the 1970-ies. “The General opinion of the overwhelming majority of the scientific community does not believe that the results of research spacecraft “Viking” is an extraordinary proof of life”, – said the official representative of the Agency Beutel Allard (Allard Beutel).

Previously, Gilbert Levin, who worked on the missions “Viking” on the red planet in the 1970-ies, published an article which clearly stated that it considers these devices in 1976 helped to find life. According to him, on Mars, carbon dioxide was generated, as on Earth – microorganisms, signs of this were found in soil samples. “I am convinced that we have found evidence of life on Mars in the 1970-ies”, – he wrote.