NASA has declassified the recording of the sound of plasma waves, Saturn

НАСА рассекретило запись звучания плазменных волн Сатурна

The instruments recorded the activity and converted it into sound.

Scientists of the American national space Agency published an audio recording of a “conversation” of Saturn and its sixth largest moon Enceladus. Experts call it jokingly the “scary music”, but, of course, emphasize that there is nothing irrational here, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

Researchers have just transformed into the sound of the plasma wave, moving away from the gas giant to one of its moons. This signal was received in 2017 the automatic interplanetary station “Cassini”, which completed its mission last year.

Including the videos below, you will be able to hear this “conversation” with my own ears.

NASA officials say that such plasma waves occur when particles of ionized gas do the complex vibrational motion, being exposed to magnetic and electric fields. Antennas and sensors Cassini successfully registered the radio emission of the planet, and now us experts have converted it to audio. Researchers report that the original sound file lasts 12 and a half minutes, but they sped it up to half a minute to achieve a more impressive effect.

It should be noted that the record really sounds very unusual and somewhat scary. Maybe Saturn is actually so communicates with his companions, after all, there is the theory that our Earth is a living organism, a kind of overmind.

Why then can’t it be inherent in Saturn and its moons, as well as in all the planets and stars in the Universe?..

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