NASA is once again preparing a women’s walk in space

NASA снова готовит чисто женскую прогулку в космос

NASA re-announces the first spacewalk women only. 6 months after the first attempt to organize such a walk, the Agency is again returned to this idea.

First spacewalk with the participation of only women astronauts had been scheduled for early this year, but to embody the idea was thwarted by the lack of spacesuits required size. After debate on the topic of whether such a withdrawal again NASA obyavlyaet that two women, now residing on the International space station will travel into space at the end of this month. Christina Koch (Christina Koch) and recently arrived on the ISS Jessica Meir (Jessica Meir) together outside the station on October 21.

Their goal is to connect the new batteries for solar power system. This will be the fourth of five spacewalks to repair and update the schema.

A representative Megan McArthur told reporters that women’s entry into space will be an important milestone. She noted that women are so integrated at all levels that gender issues are eliminated even in outer space.