NASA recreated the change of day and night on the moon, ” the Chronicle of world events

В NASA воссоздали смену дня и ночи на Луне » Хроника мировых событий

The music created a romantic atmosphere.

Posted by employees of the space Agency impressed many users of social networks who also appreciated the music. And the background music was the famous piano work of Claude Debussy “Moonlight”.

As written in the comments watched the video, this music created a romantic atmosphere, under which even involuntarily want to sleep.

When creating a video NASA experts used data obtained from the satellite Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which for the past 9 years exploring the vastness of the moon and collects data about what is happening in her events. This way, astronomers had not planned: they had thought to send a probe up to 1 year, but a lunar anomaly was several times larger than scientists thought before, so LRO is still sending images of the darkened and lightened parts of the moon.

Recently, thanks to the probe among the lunar craters was discovered a giant pyramid, the essence of which is now under study. Recently on the moon are often mysterious and unknown to the individual findings, resulting among Internet users and ufologists are built guesses about the existence of life on the moon, but researchers are yet to disprove this theory.

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