NASA reveals an intact sample of the moon

NASA вскрывает нетронутый образец Луны

Scientists from NASA have discovered a previously untouched sample of lunar rocks and soil, which was delivered on Board the “Apollo 17” in December 1972.

The samples were printed in the framework of the new initiatives of the Agency’s analysis of fences later generation of “Apollo” – ANGSA.
The purpose of these tests is to develop methods to explore future samples collected from the moon for future missions Artemis.

“The opening of these samples now allows the new generation of scientists to improve methods for better learning of future samples returned by the astronauts “Artemis,” says Francis McCubbin (Francis McCubbin), curator of astronomical NASA.

The majority of the samples that were delivered “Apollo” had long since been uncovered and studied,are part of ongoing research at NASA. However, a number of samples were carefully stored for future testing using more advanced technologies as they develop.