NASA tries to return a sample of lunar dust that was donated to the American

NASA пытается вернуть образец лунной пыли, подаренный американке

The dust was brought from the moon, famous astronaut Neil Armstrong.

American Laura Murray Kikko from Cincinnati, Ohio filed last week a lawsuit against the U.S. national space Agency, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

The fact that NASA tried to get the woman a sample of lunar dust, inherited from her parents. Those, in turn, received such an unusual gift from the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong, which is closely befriended the father of our heroine.

Wishing at all costs to defend their rights Kikko tells reporters that he received at the age of 10 from a mother glass flask, which contains the dust, presumably from the natural satellite of the Earth. Laura’s father Tom Murray was a pilot in the American air corps and a good friend of Armstrong, with whom he was once exclusive and secret club of “Quit Birman” for men-pilots.

Walked on the moon Armstrong gave in the 1970-ies mother Kikko the bottle, which made the note: “Laura Anne Murray – all the best – Neil Armstrong – Apollo 11”. Handwriting analysis has repeatedly affirmed that these words were in fact written by the legendary astronaut. So, the bulb really is most likely to be dust, delivered by the Americans in 1969 with the moon.

The catch is that, according to the American laws, all brought to Earth by NASA astronauts dust is the property of the U.S. government. Found out that Chicco has such a rare artifact, the space Agency began to literally push a woman, insistently demanding to return them the valuable sample.

Not long ago NASA scientists, by the way, found that lunar dust is very detrimental influence on a person, killing his cells and even mutating DNA. Thus, the Department has a new reason to demand the return of the flask. Say in it the dust can be deadly to others.

Lawyer Laura States that to prove the authenticity of content presented her parents with a bottle, fortunately for petitioner, impossible dust, they say, may have the moon, and quite earthly origin. Maybe Armstrong was just joking.

Open the flask one clearly will not, therefore, until its content is in a “superposition”, it is safe for the environment, and until then NASA can claim at this item. Note finally that NASA management has not yet responded to the claim of women. It had to have about 2 months.

NASA пытается вернуть образец лунной пыли, подаренный американке

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