NASA want to deliver Martian soil to Earth

В NASA хотят доставить марсианскую почву на Землю

For delivery will be involved the Mars Rover of NASA.

Official representatives of the American and European space agencies signed an agreement of intent to study various ways of collection and delivery of Martian soil samples to Earth.

The project will be difficult, because it means the first launch of the spacecraft from the surface of the red planet and docked in space.

The statement of intent was agreed in Berlin by Thomas Zurbuchen (Thomas Zurbuchen), associate administrator of NASA, and David Parker (David Parker), the Director of ESA for exploration. The document describes the potential role that each space Agency can perform during a mission.

Bringing soil from Mars to Earth, scientists could conduct more detailed studies of the chemical and (possibly) organic compounds. The results can be verified by other laboratories, and soil can continue to test as soon as sampling methods have improved over time.

For delivery is likely to involve the Mars Rover NASA, which will reach the red planet in 2020. The probe will pack the soil in 30 containers the size of a pen. In the second phase the Rover will overload them in a small rocket that will orbit Mars, where it will be picked up by a ship from Earth. The landing is scheduled on the territory of the United States.

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