Nastya Kamensky again became “curly”

Настя Каменских снова стала "кудряшкой"

Famous Ukrainian singer recently makes that experimenting in the network Instagram publishes the results. Of course fans are excited about the pictures, but loved the fact they a different Nastia. And suddenly Kamensky posted a photo with the curls and in such a familiar Luke that fans direct was nostalgic, writes the with reference to VETA.

For some reason this picture reminded subscribers about the past. About blow Kamensky and Potap, and many other connected points.

As you can see in the picture excessive thinness is gone, returned to the scene and beautiful curls stars. Fans could not resist not to write a compliment to his darling.

“You were restored?!!! Super!”, “Incredible”, “Love”, “You’re the best”, “What is beautiful”- and a lot a lot of positive words was written by the followers under the.

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