NATO said the best way to combat Kremlin propaganda

В НАТО назвали лучший способ борьбы с кремлевской пропагандой

Propaganda from the Russian Federation – the challenge of a civilized society.

It is not necessary to answer the propaganda of Kremlin counter-propaganda, and we must fight it with facts. This was stated by the Director of the Center for information and documentation of NATO Barbora Marenkova, reports the with reference to FaceNews.

“Here in Ukraine, from time to time there is a debate – how can we respond to the Russian propaganda? The Russians have created a solid “Troll factory” which spread lies throughout the world. Should we, or anyone, react symmetrically answering a fake a fake, disinformation on disinformation, or spend a lot of money and feed the army homegrown “trolls”?

Our main line is very simple. We are not responsible for propaganda propaganda and we don’t think that’s the right approach. We believe that the key is the reliance on facts, and always will be. This is very important as it reflects who we are democratic and transparent community, and that is why we stand for the truth and facts. This is really what constantly emphasizes the leadership of NATO and a firm believer of,” – said the diplomat.

She reminded that NATO has several projects aimed at the refutation of the Russian disinformation truthful facts.

“For example, on the NATO website we have created a separate page called” on the record “(” Setting the records straight”. On this site we have collected various Russian myths about NATO, and looked at the facts that provide us with the answer to these myths. We are convinced that this is a very effective way to refute these myths.

In Ukraine, we did an exhibition on the theme of relations with NATO, and dedicated one of its parts are just that myths. In very significant and creative form we have shown all these myths, on the one hand, and then showed the truth. For many people, convinced that the way to understand what kind of information we disseminate,” said Marenkova.

Another and very important part of what NATO is doing in this area, according to the expert, are activities involving the press and media.

“Two years ago, it was a fairly well-known story, when our General Secretary gave an interview to the channel “Russia 24” in the TV Studio of NATO. When the interview is enough to appear, it was called “NATO is preparing to attack Russia.” That, of course, was nonsense, because the Secretary-General never said that. Since the interview was recorded in our Studio, we had all television and audio recordings. So we started to send sound and video of the interview, used social media, posted the full transcript on our website. The delegations of the NATO member also supported us in social media in their countries. Reporters from leading global news channels and agencies with whom we have good relations – they also promote this information on their channels and social media. All this created such pressure that, in the end, “Russia 24″ has changed the name and made the necessary correction,” concluded Marenkova.

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