Nature and Creation exhibition: the “poets of matter” featured in Dunham

A hundred people gathered this Sunday afternoon at the Domaine des Côtes d ‘Ardoise vineyard in Dunham to discover the exhibition “Nature and Creation”. These curious people were able to admire more than 200 sculptures made by 75 artists from all over Quebec.
I s is the 19th edition of the event. This large open-air art center has become increasingly popular over the years. During the first draft, only nine sculptors were present. Today, this number has increased considerably as there are 75 artists exhibiting their work on site.

These creations come from all kinds of materials. Whether stone, metal or wood, the sculptors take what they have on hand to amaze visitors. Admission is $ 4 to attend the exhibition.

“People who come to see say that it is not expensive to come and see these quality works,” says Jean-Pierre Ménard, organizer of the exhibition.

The Mayor of Dunham, Pierre Janecek, came to take a tour to see for himself the quality of the sculptures. He has been attending the event since he was elected and remains pleasantly surprised that there are always new creations every year.

According to him, it is an important cultural event because it brings people from all over the municipality.

The honorary president this year comes from elsewhere in Vermont in the United States. Gregory Nicolai is passionate about art. The latter went there with a touching speech, notably praising art.

“It’s the passion of the art that I look for in choosing the honorary president,” says Ménard.


The exhibition will last four months. Those interested in seeing the works have until October 27 to take a tour. Every year, the achievements change to the height of 70%, question of always keeping a novelty effect.

For the first time, the exhibition is also international. Some artists exhibiting their works come from outside the country, including two French.

Ronald Charles, one of these two Frenchmen, even sent his sculptures by post.

“You can guess he was motivated to do it because the cost is quite high,” says the event manager.

Moreover, other events will take place during the year to mark the 40th anniversary of Quebec’s first vineyard.

Lack of subsidies

Marie-Josée Leroux, president of the Quebec Sculpture Council, deplores the lack of investment by the government for the people working on the subject. “All the money goes into the conceptual, the digital, but the know-how of the work of the subject does not receive any subsidy,” she says.

To be a sculptor, you really have to show your will. “All exhibitors put a lot of energy into their work, but they live in doubt and no support is possible for them,” she adds.

It invites the public to come and encourage Quebec artists. In fact, she wants those who call themselves “poets of matter” to differentiate themselves from artists who work more on the conceptual, are better known by the Quebec population.

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