NBA: Toronto and Utah advanced to the second round, the seventh match for “Cleveland” and “Indiana”

НБА: «Торонто» и «Юта» вышли во второй раунд, седьмой матч для «Кливленда» и «Индианы»

In the main basketball League in the world nears the starting round of the playoffs.

Failure in the final quarter was worth “Washington” defeat in the sixth match of the series with Toronto and early completion of the season. The “raptors” due to the powerful game of reservists for the first time in history won the match of the playoffs where after the first half we were behind.

Rival Toronto in the semi-finals of the conference will be determined in the confrontation between “Indiana” and “Cleveland”.

Washington – Toronto 92:102 (30:20, 23:30, 25:23, 14:29)

Washington: Bil (32), wall (23, 8 assists), Morris (12 + 5 rebounds).Toronto: Lowry (24 + 6 rebounds + 6 assists), Derozan (16), Valanciunas (14 + 12 rebounds).

The account in a series 2:4

“Utah”, despite the early loss of Ricky Rubio, in the sixth game put the squeeze on “Oklahoma” for the first time since 2008 in the second season in a row has reached the second round of the playoffs. The main inspiration for the jazz once again became sensational Donovan Mitchell, 38 points of which were the best result in the playoffs for beginners since 1987. At the end of the match at Oklahoma was hope for salvation, but the judges ignored the foul on Rudy Gobert on the Field George.

In the semi-finals of the Western conference “Utah” will play with “Houston,” which in five matches was “Minnesota.”

Utah – Oklahoma 96:91 (18:22, 23:19, 37:29, 18:21)

Utah: Mitchell (38), favors (13 + 8 rebounds), Gobert (12 + 13 rebounds + 3 blocked shots).Oklahoma: Westbrook (46 + 10 rebounds), Adams (19 + 16 rebounds), Grant (9).

The score in the series 4:2

Triple-double of Victor Oladipo helped “Indiana” equalized in the series with “Cleveland”. “Pacers” in the second quarter reached a 10-point lead, and after the break were quickly removed all questions on the winner of the match.

Indiana – Cleveland 121:87 (29:26, 28:21, 35:20, 29:20)

Indiana: Oladipo (28 + 13 rebounds + 10 assists + 4 steals), Sabonis (19 + 6 rebounds).Cleveland: James (22 + 7 assists), green (13), hood (12).

The account in a series 3:3

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