NBA: wins Houston and Cleveland, the drama of “Oklahoma” and “Denver”

НБА: победы «Хьюстона» и «Кливленда», драма «Оклахомы» и «Денвера»

Completed the next game day of the regular championship of NBA.

Three-pointer by Gerald green with the buzzer about the end of the match brought to the Houston home victory over “Phoenix”. James harden had a triple-double, the Ukrainian center “Sansa” Alex LANL participation in the match was not accepted because of an injury.

Player of the match: James harden (28+8 rebounds+10 assists).

LeBron James led Cleveland to a comeback in the home match with “new Orleans”. The Cavaliers lost the first half with a 10-point gap, but after the break turned the match. The victory allowed the “Cleveland” to keep the third row in the East, “new Orleans” dropped to eighth place in the West.

Player of the match: LeBron James (27+9 rebounds+11 assists).

“Denver” in overtime snatched victory in the away match with “Oklahoma” and continued to fight for the playoffs, behind the eighth place on two wins. The main creators of the guest of success “nuggets” were Paul Millsap and Nikola Jokić scored two for 59 points and collected 25 rebounds. Thunder in one selection from the on-duty triple-doubles stopped Russell Westbrook (33+9 rebounds+13 assists).

Player of the match: Paul Millsap (36+9 rebounds).

The results of the matches of the day:

Orlando – Chicago 82:90 (24:30, 20:27, 25:9, 13:24)

Atlanta – Philadelphia 91:101 (27:30, 14:17, 18:39, 32:15)

Oklahoma – Denver 125:126 OT (28:27, 30:35, 21:30, 35:22, 11:12)

Houston – Phoenix 104:103 (22:25, 18:32, 35:29, 29:17)

Cleveland – New Orleans 107:102 (29:29, 18:28, 33:22, 27:23)

Dallas – Minnesota 92:93 (20:16, 26:28, 18:23, 28:26)

Ut – Memphis 107:97 (29:14, 23:33, 28:29, 27:21)

Lakers – Milwaukee 122:124 OT (34:39, 23:29, 26:29, 29:15, 10:12)

Portland – L. A. Clippers 105:96 (26:23, 38:26, 23:17, 18:30)

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