Near Moscow archaeologists have found a valuable artifact

Возле Москвы археологи нашли ценный артефакт

Scientists have found a ceramic vessel with silver coins.In the suburbs archeologists have found the ancient treasure of Ivan the terrible.

Discovery was able to detect during security excavations on the site of the future road M7, in Pavlovo-Posadsky district of the Moscow region, writes the with reference to vladtime.

Archaeologists were able to detect the ceramic vessel, brim full of 623 silver coins. This treasure, as noted later in a press release that surprised even the most experienced professionals.

“This treasure is amazed everyone without exception, even the most experienced. Its uniqueness lies not only in the large size, but also in an unusual composition. Integrity is also at the highest level. No coin is lost. According to our assumptions, buried treasure over 400 years ago,” – said the Deputy Director of IO RAS on science Asya Engovatova.

Coins were minted during the reign of Boris Godunov and Ivan the terrible and hidden shortly before the time of Troubles. A total of 6 rubles 23 kopecks, very large for that time: it was possible to build a house or buy a cow with a horse. In addition, most of the coins were brand new and in circulation was never.

In addition to the coins, the vessel was also a copper cross, which, as archaeologists believe, was to protect the treasure, to never fall into the wrong hands. The owner, most likely, he’s made a fortune after a successful trading operation.

Engovatova leaning toward the theory that traded grain or flour during the price spike in the years 1602-1603, because the price of bread after two years of poor harvest soared to 20 or more times.

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