Near Odessa measles outbreak: sick nine primary school students

Под Одессой вспышка кори: заболели сразу девять учеников младших классов

At school in Liman district of Odessa region measles outbreak: sick nine primary school students. According to the chief physician of the center for primary health care Elina Limit, in the village of Ivanovo measles diagnosed kindergartner and eight graders.

“All the children are under the supervision of doctors, — have informed in district administration. — Held an extraordinary meeting of the regional Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations. Approved measures to prevent further spread of the disease”.

In particular, the planned immunization of those at risk in the first place medical professionals and also the gain control to avoid classes in the schools of unvaccinated children.

As reported, the number of cases of measles in Ukraine last week rose by 11.5 percent.


In Zhytomyr region with measles is ill the whole family.

In General, Ukraine risks this year to put a sad record for the number of patients with measles.

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