Near the Playground in the Park Hamilton found a strange device hidden in the purse (PHOTO)

Около детской площадки в парке Гамильтона нашли странное устройство, спрятанное в кошельке (ФОТО)

The police of Hamilton trying to solve the mystery of the strange electronic device that was hidden in the wallet left at the Playground in the Eastern part of the Park.

One of the users of the website Reddit, wrote about the discovery of the wallet, considered that inside the camera with a point aperture and the battery, but the police in the afternoon on Friday, August 10, couldn’t confirm it.

“We don’t know what it is,’ said the constable Lorraine Edwards told reporters. − We cannot confirm what this camera”.

Police say a purse found a Park employee Sam Mason Park near Queenston Road and Nash Road North.

A Reddit user with the nickname Jdm67 published photos of the purse on Friday morning.

He said that he tried to find in it a driver’s license of the owner, but instead found a camera with a point aperture, battery and memory card.

“The wallet was left at the Playground so that the camera was aimed right at her, says in his post. − She was still turned on, and it seemed like she was streaming data because a single flame burning, meaning that the WiFi is connected”.

According to Edwards, now officers are trying to figure out who left a purse there and why.

She thinks that the purse is not the best place to hide a device which silently records someone on video.

“If someone planned to use it to the detriment of the wallet is the first thing that will raise in the Park”, she shared his thoughts.

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