Nearly one million awarded to Verbom

The Member of Parliament for Shefford, Pierre Breton, was visiting the Val-Saint-François MRC on Tuesday morning to announce that the federal government is giving Valcourt’s Valcourt company, which specializes in sheet metal processing, a non-repayable contribution of $ 964,275. This will allow the creation of 13 jobs.

“This is a very nice announcement that will allow us to support our growth at Verbom! “, Rejoices Éric Chênevert, CEO of the company.

It intends to use this financial support to consolidate 19 jobs this year, and to create 13 new ones next year to support production.

On the other hand, this money will be used to develop their hot-forming technology and to develop new aluminum alloys, in addition to designing new, more efficient tools. The company will then be able to increase its production of metal parts used in the manufacture of vehicles of all kinds, from recreational to public transit, including buses and trains.

The Valcourt plant will focus on the development and manufacture of tools, while the Sherbrooke plant will be responsible for the production of parts starting in 2020.

“Verbom has extremely dynamic directors who have a vision of the future of their business, who want to export and who have a lot of projects … We’re talking about innovations, new technologies and new machinery – it’s excellent. new and it has a very positive impact for the beautiful region of Valcourt! Exclaims Mr. Breton enthusiastically.

According to him, this is what earned them this support, which is part of the Steel and Aluminum Initiative of the Regional Economic Growth through Innovation Program (CERI) announced in March 2019 by the Government of Canada. Canada to support small and medium-sized Canadian businesses in these sectors.

Specialized jobs

The member for Shefford also said he was very pleased that the consolidated posts in the region are highly specialized jobs. Mr. Chênevert said that these include the trades of toolmakers, electromechanical designers and operators-CNC programmers (for Computer Numerical Control , or CNC).

Verbom has even trained 35 of its programming employees to be able to program the machinery they use. “We are one of the only companies that do it. Most of the time, the companies hire programmers and operators, but in this case, the operators are less involved and have less feeling [to contribute], “says Chênevert.

The managing director notes that in order to remedy the shortage of manpower, Verbom employs several foreign workers – from the Philippines and Mexico, but also from France. “The French, when they are chosen after the interviews, are here in four weeks; Filipinos, it’s 10 to 12 months! He says, adding that contracts with Filipino workers last three years, while those with the French are less firm and less predictable.

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