Neri Oxman was dumped by brad pitt for the sake of American billionaire bill Eckmann

Neri Oxman/ Brad Pitt

Brad pitt, it seems, is single again, according to the Western press. If you believe the latest information Page Six, the novel actor with a 42-year-old Neri Oxman did not start a serious relationship, and journalists jumped to conclusions. Over the weekend, Neri saw in Paris in the company of 52-year-old financier and entrepreneur bill Ekman.

Ekman, who founded and headed the hedge Fund Pershing Square Capital Management, in his spare time loves to play tennis. In one of the Amateur tournaments he participated in last weekend. Neri sat on the podium of the fans and after the game along with Ekman was seen at the party.

Brad Pitt

Bill won the match and the girl. Brad pitt will need tennis skills and education Eckmann, if he wants to see such a dazzling intellectual, Neri, says the insider.

Neri Oxman

About my personal life Eckmann know that in 1994 he married Karen Ann Herskovits, graduated from Harvard University and a landscape designer. Karen and bill have three children. And in December 2016, the network appeared the information that the couple had separated.

Brad pitt is also parted from his wife, but still not divorced, because he was unable to agree with her about child custody. Today, the media reported that the court allowed the actor to communicate with children directly, without the involvement of Angelina Jolie.

Bill Ekman

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