NETLENKA: Favorites of fortune or How to become debutantes Tatler

Ksenia Solovyov and Oksana Lavrenteva

We know you missed the draft NETLENKA! Drop everything and read the latest edition of our documentary series about the secular adventures of the past days. Regular readers of the column know that we usually stir a zero fat high-society, but in the tenth there is something to make money. At this time we remember the first Balls debutantes Tatler. Digging in the archives SPLETNIK.RU and after all the cruel telegramme plum, our favorite Pasha Vardishvili was distracted from his project Psycho Daily… and talked to the guardians of the secular fire of the publishing house Conde Nast Ksenia Solovieva, Anna and the Tsarina. Read.

The loudest secular newsmakers this fall were: the chief editor of Tatler Ksenia Solovieva, producer Michael drujan and directed by Konstantin Bogomolov, who invented and made for the 10th anniversary edition of the film about his characters. A movie not everyone liked, and especially offended declared vendetta, so shallow that it is not even worth retelling. But in the context of the magazine more interesting to recall another event which holds its revision for eight years — the Ball debutantes Tatler.

Oksana Lavrenteva with daughter Alina (far left), Ulyana Sergeenko, Polina Kitsenko, Ksenia Sobchak, 2011

Valentin Yudashkin and Masha Fedorova, 2011

Victoria Davydova, Sati Spivakova and Lyudmila Narusova, 2011

Vara Glagoleva with her daughters and Valentin Yudashkin, 2011

On the one hand and a favorite annual occasion for Gossip to practice in speech and eloquence, and on the other: and the search for new characters, gossip, and trying to really rethink the Moscow high society, and the ability to organize, and the story of local dynasties and clans.

We asked Ksenia Solovyov and the publisher Anna Pchelkina to recall the beginning of the famous Tatler Ball, and learned, why do we need it.

Ksenia Solovieva, 2011

Anna Pchelkina, 2012

How did you come up with a debutante Ball?

Solovyov: every brand of the publishing house Conde Nast is the flagship event: “man of the year GQ”, Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, “the Glamour Woman of the year”. We had to do something. We looked at English traditions: once upon a time at balls, the Queen presented the young creatures in white dresses. The connotation was, of course, with a good marriage – usually the second time the girl on the ball as the debutant did not come. But this reference is very old, has nothing to do with modern life. But we are more repelled from the ball at the Paris Hotel de Crillon. This is a very large event held there each year. In particular, it was attended by both Gorbachev granddaughters, Sasha Novikov, daughter of demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood, endless relatives Berlusconi, “new blood” from oil-producing regions, the disgraced daughter of Janna bullock, if you remember this. That is, the Tatler Ball is on the one hand, the old England, we English brand, and with another — the first visible output of the light. With the third dynasty.

Pchelkina: I became the publisher of Tatler in 2010-m to year, and my first task was to plan the event. Together with Misha Druana we’ve been courted by Irina Aleksandrovna Antonova, wanted to hold the event in the Pushkin Museum. Already had a list of debutantes and shooting them for the magazine and site. Hall of columns — the forgotten in a secular society address — advised Sati Spivakova. By the time we agreed with Vladimir Spivakov Spivakov, national Philharmonic orchestra we will have to play. So there you have it.

Danila Kozlovsky and Vladimir Spivakov, 2014

Stefaniya Malikova, 2016

And how to choose the first debutantes?

Solovyov: it Was simple and difficult at the same time. Simply because in the range of 16 to 23 were plenty of girls with good names. Mikhalkov, Titov, Gomiashvili, Parfenova, Yudashkin, Han, Konchalovsky. But it was difficult because no one like Russia did, and we used had to explain to parents what it is. We learned early on: don’t want to go for the seemingly obvious and inviting path of money. Participation is free of charge. Our girls never, ever, ever pay. All you need, give fashion Houses, their only expense — they are for his account to go to Milan or Paris if the fitting is there. Well, buy for 3.5 thousand rubles ballroom shoes.

Pchelkina: We are often confused with beauty pageants or brides of marriageable age. This is not so. We participated in the married girls, girls with children. Gale Umaskini or Leonela Manturova was 23 when they debuted. We are not married. God forbid.

Marina, Galina and Valentin Yudashkin, 2011

Vera Glagoleva with her daughter Anastasia Subsky, 2011

Polina Kitsenko, Yana Rudkovskaya, Margarita Lieva, 2014

If not money, then what criteria are selected Debs?

Solovyov: It is always a reasonable balance between the creative intellectuals, politics, sports, business and pop culture. Even, I would say, roll in the direction of cultural dynasties, as neither of us would have suspected the opposite.

What gives a young girl the status of a secular Debs?

Solovyov: Depends on what she wants. You can learn to dance — with the girls dancing MIME artists of the Bolshoi theatre. To overcome shyness and embarrassment. Live through an incredible adventure, which you will remember for many years. Gratify his vanity, a few months to feel like the most popular girl in the class who after school goes to the rehearsal at the Bolshoi theatre and a fitting in Paris. Or use it for career development.

Elena Perminova, 2013

Ksenia Solovyov’s daughter, 2013

The great-granddaughter of Matilda Kshesinskaya, now a Great dancer Eleonora Sevenard, quickly drew the attention of Louis Vuitton. Musya Totibadze, when we invited her, preparing to enter the history faculty of Moscow state University. The house of Chanel chose her for their debutante. She went on Rue Cambon for a fitting, was on the show haute couture, met with Karl Lagerfeld. In the end, Musya became a friend of the brand in Russia. And instead of the history Department came to the school Studio of the Moscow art theatre. Not that we are so much affected, but some “guilt” for a feel. More importantly, the girls gain a new social circle. All getting very friends. For example, just celebrated the birth Ustinja Malinin. Let’s see how many debutantes were among her guests!

Alexander Malinin with her daughter Ustinya and wife Emma, 2017

Pchelkina: Masha Messerer, granddaughter of the artist Boris Messerer Asafovich, which has always been a Bohemian get-together, made friends with the granddaughter of the academician the Queen Anna. In normal life where they meet? Where they all friends? But here they found some synergy.

Victoria Shelegova, 2014

Masha Fedorova with her daughter Veronica, 2014

Ksenia Chilingarov, 2014

Tell us about the most unexpected debutantes and those who are not persuaded to take part in the ball?

Pchelkina: On your first ball we had Eva Khan, the daughter of a big businessman on the Forbes list of Herman Khan. Her father in the hall of columns only found out the photographer of “Kommersant” Valery Levitin, now deceased. In what delirium generally such a person will come to a social event? This genre is also opened. To us from St. Petersburg came Brunovna Alisa Freundlich, because among the debutantes was her granddaughter Anna Tarasova.

Alisa Freindlikh on her daughter Barbara and grandsons, 2013

Ksenia Solovyov, 2014

Anton Pak and Oksana Lavrenteva son, 2014

Solovyov: frankly, we danced around Leonid Mikhelson, Sergey Galitsky, Tatyana Dyachenko, but to no avail. It’s not public families. About people who never come to social events… we had Vyacheslav Butusov in a tuxedo and bow tie, quite far from Moscow secular bustle of people. Last year my daughter Alina was accompanied by Minister of energy Alexander Novak, daughter Leonela was the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

Pchelkina: One telegram channel with great pleasure on an empty place raised a fuss that Manturov will not participate, but nothing all came, they all danced.

Vyacheslav Butusov with his daughter Ksenia, 2012

Snezhana Georgieva with her daughter, 2012

Frol Borimsky, Ulyana Sergeenko and Irina Milova, 2012

Yulia Baranovskaya with children 2014

The first ball, it is the most difficult. What curiosities was during a debut event?

Pchelkina: Fees before the first ball was held in the Hyatt hotel. As soon as we girls put on all their ornaments, from overload of the power grid, the lights went out. Guards Chanel per second pulled from the pockets of flashlights and sent to girls — just a scene from “11 friends of Oushena”. It was interesting to see on security in business. Of course, nothing to hide, interfered with parents. There was a time when the dress rehearsal in the column flew a beautiful mom in boots and shouted: “My daughter the first place!”

Solovyov: I Remember a few months before prom eve Khan — she was then 16 — was sitting in my office with her mother Angelica. Eva wanted neither to dance nor to wear the big dresses, no to mention the Pope. It seemed to me that she did not succeed, but decided to try it, and eve was the most diligent party. She was lucky with the dress — it was chosen by rock-n-roll Stephane Rolland. And the event Han reacted as to an important project, very responsible. And we have a very good relationship has developed. Lena Konchalovsky on the last day I hurt my ankle. But still came in a dress Chapurin Couture and everyone was sick. Leonid Parfyonov then did not recognize his daughter Mary in Elie Saab Haute Couture.

Daughter Oksana Lavrentieva Alina, 2014

Lesya Kafelnikov, 2015

Tina Kandelaki and her daughter Melania Kondrachine, 2015

What is happening at the same dinner after the ball?

Solovyov: There usually are Debs and their parents and younger brothers and sisters go home to do homework and sleep. This is a very relaxed part of the evening where you can throw off the heels and not to hold back. Remember Maxim Dmitrievich Shostakovich in one year gave the recital, and large portraits of his father with the signature. Maksim Isaakovich Dunayevsky was accompanied by his daughter Masha. Musya Totibadze sang in federicco of champagne like it was a microphone.

Miroslava Duma, 2012

Natalia Ionova, Svetlana Metkina, 2013

Pchelkina: Dina Manasherova in the first year was very difficult and extremely laced dress Dior Haute Couture. At dinner she kept from last forces, and we came to the conclusion that girls need a separate dress for dinner. But the main entertainment debutantes — discussion dancing with their partners. Where someone made a mistake, one that turned out. Sometimes children repeat the dance support in the middle of the restaurant.

Ksenia Sobchak, Oksana Lavrenteva, Ulyana Sergeenko and Polina Kitsenko, 2011

Vladimir Kekhman, 2011

Masha Fedorova with her daughter Veronica and Alexander Terekhov, 2015

What do the most challenging for a debutant? Learn to dance or to decide on the dress?

Pchelkina: With dresses — a special story. They are basically the couture or bespoke. Not Debs choose outfits and dresses. We send you a portfolio of girls brands and they are willing to give some party dress.

Solovyov: every fashion House has celebrity-Department, which is responsible for the stars. Dresses can be booked under the film festival or to go on display in Dubai. And we say to girls: “do Not think that you will measure 48 looks from the last collection”. But we are doing everything possible to keep your girls happy. Because the dress is a mood.

Pchelkina: I still think that I am more worried about the dancing.

Daughter Renata Litvinova, Ulyana, 2016

Tatiana Navka with her daughter Alexandra, 2016

Elizabeth Peskov, 2017

Does not seem strange that in a city where not fully formed of the so-called “light”, for the 8th annual debutante ball this very “light”?

Pchelkina: And who will shape, if not us? Also thanks to our Balu, a list of one hundred girls who have been or may become the most “new faces”. And who gladly take other magazines. We don’t just say, “Oh, good, this man of the underground ravioli factory. His wife buys all Dior collections. Let’s make his daughter a debutante”. It doesn’t work. We try to involve cultural dynasty. We had the granddaughter of Joseph Brodsky and Oleg Tabakov, Valentin Serov prapravnuchka and Leo Tolstoy. The main thing that girls are like this. For example, great granddaughter is Alexander Shirvindt. We do not lose hope to convince her.

Never thought to modify the format of the event: hooliganism, play hip hop party or rave debut album?

Pchelkina: of Course, we started to think about it already in the third year. But when it begins to bully the original format that breaks the DNA of the event. All we have is girls in very beautiful dresses, jewelry and “evening” picture. There are plenty of other events where appropriate to do a rave. We restrained ourselves. In the end, you yourself know everything about our society. We tried to make a humorous film and see what came of it. Only one format Shine in the next 20 years — dinner with Seating and white orchids.

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