NETLENKA: remember the days when the stars all was right with irony

The next series of the documentary project NETLENKA we decided to dedicate one of the most cheerful and courageous of the secular adventures of the century — award “Silver Shoe”. For those who don’t know, just to clarify: the creators of the award conceived it as an analogue of the famous “Golden raspberry” — celebrities get their “galoshes” for “dubious achievements in show business”. Sometimes someone is offended, for the award did not come, but in the court of claims not filed in the Telegram of harassment is not satisfied. And then there was no Telegram.

Our constant author and Creator of Telegram channel Daily Psycho Pasha Vardishvili went over the details of the forefather of the award, the CEO of the radio station “Silver rain” Dmitry Savitsky. To the delight of the readers SPLETNIK.RU Dmitry was a great memory and a sharp tongue.

Scary to think, but the “Whisperer” is not the first dared to write and speak about the stars of show business the truth, to rebuke for inappropriate behavior, to sneer at their human gut. In the late 90-ies of the last century, employees are the most fashionable at that time, the radio station “Silver rain” was invented to reward famous people caught in a stupid position, prize “Silver Shoe”.

The name obviously comes from the famous expression “to sit in the overshoe” is “to fail to experience failure.” Yes, the award has repeatedly found himself in an unenviable position, but the initiative itself has become so successful and spectacular that lasted for 18 years. Together with the founder of “Silver galoshes” and the current head of special projects “the Silver rain” Dmitry Savitsky “Whisperer” remembered the most funny, poignant and shocking episodes of the award.

Andrei Fomin, 2008

P. V.: Who and when invented the “Silver Shoe”?

D. S.: I think All that prize came up with Sawicki and Fomin, but it’s not so. It came up with the main party-goer of Moscow of late 90 — Pavel Vashchekin. It happened in the club “Marika”, where we regularly gathered. And he said, “You have to make the award for the worst type of “Golden raspberry”. But it’s boring because there’s only a movie, you have to do for different achievements.”

We started to think in this direction, and the first was the “Silver Shoe” for the most dubious achievements in show business. After a time we made some awards at the same time as he show business slowly began to die, then went to the politics, sports and more.

Artem Korolev, Ksenia Sobchak and Alena Ahmadullina, 2008

Yana Rudkovskaya, 2008

Bozena of Rynska, 2008

Shura, 2008

P. V.: we have decided to make a big show of the prize?

D. S.: If you call the show, which was the first large, Yes. We then decided that it must be shock show, the jokes on the brink of a foul. The first ceremony was held in the Congress hall of hotel “Slavic”, and in comparison with other awards there was a very small room.

It was the 96th year. From the scenery on stage was only balloons, of which the arch was made, where people came. But it was a good joke, came the actual people, was Igor Grigoriev, at the time chief editor of the magazine “OM”, the model was raised, which later became very famous. Everything was of a very good skit, but the show it wasn’t.

Sati Spivakova and Kirill Serebrennikov, 2008

Tina Kandelaki, 2008

Katya LEL and Sergei Zverev, 2008

Catherine and Alexander Strizhenov, 2008

P. V.: who, for example?

D. S.: On the scene took out “galoshes” on a tray of a beautiful girl, and after many years, examining radio pictures, I suddenly came across a familiar face. And then I realize that this is the General Director of “Winery” Sophia Trotsenko.

Tatyana Lazareva, 2008

Bogdan Titomir, 2008

Mikhail Boyarsky, 2008


P. V.: Andrey Fomin us in an interview said that “the Shoe” krysheval Umar Dzhabrailov. Is this true?

D. S.: No. We had it in “Slavic”, where he was CEO. The prize there was, I think, two or three times, and we had to deal with Dzhabrailov, as were tenants. With it we sipped goryushko. Under contract to us as tenants was supposed to provide hotel management five tickets. We refer to the Secretariat the day before the event, calls his assistant and says that Umar Aliyevich requests to release the entire ninth row: there he sits with his guests. Row nine is the passage, the most convenient, where you can pull the legs. Here’s how the issues were resolved then.

Umar Dzhabrailov and Xenia Sobchak, 2008

P. V.: How did you manage to drum up for the award, but even more so on stage, its laureates?

D. S.: If you give ten nominations and you have zero people come on the scene, the first “Shoe” was invented a cool trick: if a person does not come to receive the prize, he must be destroyed. In the circus, Porsche squeezed an elephant. And it was important for us at the moment to keep them out. We’ve been practicing this trick for a long time. Porsche was to get lighter than the elephant, it will come.

But when you have nobody coming on the scene is wrong, so we were looking for some sort of move, people who are ready to rise, and agreed with them.

Ekaterina Odintsova and Artemy Troitsky, 2008

Anastasia Kochetkova, 2008

Yana Rudkovskaya and Nikolai Baskov, 2008

Anfisa Chekhov, and Alexei Mitrofanov, 2008

Anastasia Grebenkina and Anna Semenovich, 2008

Anastasia Grebenkina and Anna Semenovich, 2009

P. V.: Who is the most self-ironic was at that point in time?

D. S.: Of Course, Sobchak. That she bribed, this started our further friendship with her. We first presented the award, she picked it up, said something in response, and then wait at one of the ceremonies was implemented one idea with her. Had decorations in the style of “the Wizard of oz”, and there was to be a house that falls on the girl and her nails, and this girl was supposed to be Sobchak. I was sure that she never, ever will agree, in the end she what was thought of, invented, and we realized that this is a man who has not only irony, but also normal brain and creativity. Then she became a full-fledged leading “Galoshes”.

Ksenia Sobchak with her mother Lyudmila Narusova, 2009

Andrey Fomin, 2009

Nikita Dzhigurda, 2009

Anton Krasovsky, 2009


Yuli Gusman and Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo, 2009

P. V.: And who’s the most offended? Rodionova has not yet filed in court?

D. S.: were so touchy that they learned that we begin to think in the direction of their nomination, and take any preventive steps, promised Thomas to shoot his legs. Once he even refused to go on stage, and I issued him a certificate on which was written: “Andrei, don’t worry”. With my signature and seal. It is still preserved and hangs in my office.

Of those with whom we most sipped goryushko is, of course, Rodionova. Although nothing offensive was not the album she issued. Nomination “Naked and ridiculous”. We do not intend to give her a “Shoe”, and it was only to nominate, and as a result she sent a threatening letter, and then read out this letter, showed it on the screen and presented the award.

Nikolay Uskov, 2009

Ekaterina Volkova, 2009

Anastasia Kalmanovich, 2009

Armen Yeritsyan, 2009

P. V.: there was a turning point, when the award was the prestigious to?

D. S.: No. If a person has self-irony, he realizes a profit from this story. One of the most offensive of the nominations were “Plagiarism of the year”. For example, there was Igor is Cool on stage, said some good words about the fact that only seven notes, received a prize, and it was decent.

Ulyana Sergeenko and Danil Khachaturov, 2009

Oksana Lavrenteva and Alena Ahmadullina, 2009

Ksenia Sobchak, 2009

Lyudmila Narusova and Stas Sadalsky, 2009

The main difference between us from the same “Golden raspberry” — we tried to give our “galoshes” not for the worst, namely for a dubious achievement. This term, incidentally, coined Sergei Sholokhov, the author of “Quiet house”.

Vladimir Turchinsky with his wife, 2009

Polina Kitsenko and Catherine Grinevskaya, 2009

Evelina Bledans, 2009

Ulyana Tseytlina, Olga Efremova, 2009

Victoria Bonya and Yana Rudkovskaya, 2009

P. V.: Well, you do even Pugacheva went on stage!

D. S.: It was improvised, we initially did not agree. The second “Shoe” we believed and believe still the most disastrous and unsuccessful. It happened because we were inspired by the success of the first, were sure that caught the devil by the beard, and immediately swung from a local cinema in “Slavic” for 700 seats at the cinema “Pushkin” two thousand places. We had the TV channel “Russia” — the information partner, who filmed the award and had to show it, paid us for the rights. This is the story of “from rags to riches”, when we suddenly become very pathetic, we had a bunch of sponsors who gave us all this money. We hired people who had to make the award, relaxed, and as a result all turned out very bad, not funny.

In the audience were people not a narrow range, and wide, some of whom did not understand the jokes, and the other left the hall. The only ray of happiness was the fact that the hall was sitting Pugacheva, who came to this event. Came for a company with Valentin Yudashkin and his wife. The scene began to give the “Shoe” Kirkorov, who was at that time the producer of her album. We did a nomination “the Most independent producer from whom depends nothing” for him. The prize carried a huge service for 50 persons, which are supposed to break, as it was clear that Philip would not come to get it. And, suddenly, Pugachev went on stage. And said, “No, give me service, give me “the Shoe”, I’ll tell Philip. My set”.

Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov, 2010

Andrey Fomin and Ksenia Sobchak, 2010

And we have charged actor, who already beat, and there can sometimes be a mess on stage, because she pulls this service. Pugachev seized the tureen, pull back, calling to the stage the Marina Yudashkin, they both occupy the dishes. And then she pulled on stage “Simons”, sang “Ring-ring” and did this show. Taking this opportunity, I give a huge thanks to Alla Borisovna, for something that saved the ceremony.

Boris Moiseyev and Natalia Vodianova, 2010

P. V.: I would like to hear great stories about how threw eggs to the stage, from the sky fell the plane, and all Moscow “all” collected dollars in the auditorium.

D. S.: After the “Slavic” we started to wander in different sites. Was the Mossovet theatre and the theatre of the Russian army, the circus, the swimming pool “Chaika”. The circus elephant crushed a Porsche, and in the pool we also needed a wow effect and we came up with a burning plane falling in the water, and the “Shoe” was given Dibrova because he was at the time the downed pilot. He was terribly offended.

Eugene papunaishvili and Ksenia Sobchak, 2010

Peter Listerman, 2010

Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko, 2010

Aurora, 2010

There was no Instagram, but we always come up with stunts that would be the reason for the beautiful photos and then to the people retold them to each other. In the Mossovet theatre we were dropping dollars, swept all the existing cash one dollar bills, which were at that time in Moscow. It was the final moment of the award, the credits stood behind the scenes, our employees, the integrity of which we were confident, with bags that after leaving spectators to rush to the hall and hurry to collect the money bags. We expected that throw 20 thousand dollars, and if five thousand come back to us, and the glory of God. After the first shot Shura climbed on stage, becoming an ass to the audience and began to shove the money for the shirt. The oligarchs followed suit. The sterile room was. Found a few scraps of evidence that for dollars was a struggle.

Here’s another was in hotel “Slavic”: the first three rows sat the entire crowd of late 90s — from Xenia Sobchak to Elena Nelidova, and they threw the eggs in the portraits of the nominees, thus determining who will receive a prize. Don’t remember who was on the portraits except Dorenko.

Natalia Sindeeva, 2010

Dana Borisova, 2010

Oksana Lavrenteva, 2010

Victoria Lopyreva, 2010

Elena Hanga, 2010

P. V.: Why the “Silver Shoe” ceased to exist?

D. S.: For a number of reasons. First, censorship — nut began to spin. Especially after we presented the “Shoe” Patriarch, we can see it for themselves. Was prosecuted prosecutors, hauled people in for questioning. And if to speak about a difficult situation — this was number one, not Rodionov. The second reason memes on the Internet. Now something is happening in the morning and in the afternoon you get an ironic reaction to the news. Many of the jokes are of good standard and quality, pereschitat them strange, to make something of themselves — hard. The economic component of the sponsorship money was much less. Introduced a law to ban alcohol advertising, respectively, fell off tobacco, alcohol sponsors, and their money was decisive.

Marina Golub, 2011


When the prize appeared, the bottom line was she supposed to be undertaking to advertise the radio station. At some point it became a separate independent brand, and when they started censorship, to get it became “the Silver rain”. Not that we have closed, we froze it. Now keep in mind the opportunity to make the “Silver Shoe” virtual. Live will exit the program, which will be awarded prizes during the reporting week.

Ulyana Sergeenko and Oksana Lavrentyeva, 2011

In this material we could not ask for comment from the General producer of radio station “Silver rain” from 1995 to 2009, Natalia Sindeeva.

Natalia Sindeeva, 2008

N. With.: I have always been General producer of “Silver galoshes”. In fact, the whole staged part of the prize was for me more. My pain, blood, pride, tears. With someone of the winners we have always agreed in advance, because he knew that this person is good, he’s good with a sense of humor, for example, to Sobchak took the stage Lolita.

There were a few times when we knew that person, did everything to invite him, and we were not warned, and he was nominated. The reaction was all different, someone was joking and not offended, and someone, even going out and getting more didn’t speak to us.

“Shoe” was very brave and if at first it was just show business, the agenda began to change. There is politics, society, and sports. What we then did, now can’t even imagine. We would now be defeated and destroyed everything from religious fanatics to politicians.

Frol Borimsky, Miroslava Duma, Ulyana Sergeenko and Elena Perminova, 2012

Ivan Urgant and his wife Natalia Kiknadze and Vladimir Pozner, 2012

Ksenia Sobchak, 2012

There was one incredibly touching story: we had to give the “Shoe” Petrosyan. Just two days before the awards I was called by Mikhail Zadornov and asked for a meeting. We met with him, and he immediately said, “You know, Petrosian was already a pretty sick person, he has a weak heart, and for him it can be beat. What will you do if suddenly after you hand “Shoe” Petrosian, he had a heart attack?”. He’s like a human being asked to leave alone Petrosyan, we have long been in discussion, and we eventually abandoned. The task of “galoshes” — not to offend people but to open the problem, that is.

Miroslava Duma, 2012

Polina Yumasheva, 2012

When we did the award, which was conducted by Tatyana Lazareva Andrei Fomin in the theatre of the Russian army, it was dedicated to the nascent jingoism. Has turned a political statement. We redid the song “Petersburg — Leningrad” and Moiseev Gurchenko, and she turned with a very vibrant opposition statement. The day before the “galoshes” all the musicians refused to sing it, and then it was not afraid to sing the leading — Lazarev with Fomin. It was the first time we realized that self-censorship and self-control begin to work.

Alexander Gordon and Ksenia Sobchak, 2013

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