Neufchâteau : 2 children of 4 and 10 years old found stabbed to death

Neufchâteau : 2 enfants de 4 et 10 ans retrouvés poignardés à mort

Two children were found dead Wednesday evening in their apartment Neufchâteau, in the Vosges.

The rescue had been alerted to the 22 hours by the mother for an emergency at his home. Arrived on the scene, the firefighters have only been able to see the two deaths.

The little girl and her brother, aged 4 and 10 years old, lay on their bed in a pool of blood.

According to initial findings, the two victims were stabbed in the genitals.

Their mother was found prostrate beside the two bodies. She was incoherent speeches, and only wanted one thing, to die.

She was interned in psychiatry and will be heard when the condition has improved.

This woman of thirty years, was divorced and lived alone with her two children, Maxence and Manon.