New England moves “bomb cyclone”

На Новую Англию движется “бомбовый циклон”

A new storm this week, which will hit New England and all the North-East coast, may increase to a “bomb cyclone,” according to the national weather service.

Some models suggest that this increase is unlikely to happen, because the air pressure must drop 24 millibars during the day, but such a scenario is possible. According to forecasters, the storm will be at least as strong as the previous one last week, however, will affect much of the land.

Winds can reach forces of up to 50 km per hour with stronger gusts closer to Wednesday. New York, Boston and Portland will be in the area of greatest impact. These winds can be strong enough to knock down trees and power lines, so thousands of Americans could be left without light. Can also be lengthy flight delays at the major northeast airports.

The storm will mainly bring heavy rains, but in the Northern part of the zone of influence can be snowfall.