New hit Network: optical illusion with the missing cat

Новый хит Сети: оптическая иллюзия с пропавшим котом

The cat like moves.

The network has shot a video where a passerby takes notice about a missing cat. It would seem, so what — lost cat, looking for him, it happens. However, users around the world send video to each other and discuss intricate optical illusion. The fact that the ad is printed on ordinary A4 paper and placed on the fence of slate (walls — wavy). The head of a cat (fotografa) falls just in the hollow between the waves, that’s why when you move the camera (or view) it seems like the cat is watching you, reports the with reference on the bigpicture.

Video cat posted on YouTube Chisako Max (Max Tiseyko). He left a signature about how he was shocked seeing an optical illusion.

“The poster “lost cat” he turned his head when I walked by, called his video Max, adding: ‘he escaped from Azkaban”.

Some users felt that ad placement on a slate fence, a marketing course, specifically designed to draw the attention of passers-by on the loss of your beloved pet. However, the majority is still in light shock, “I would be very scared seeing this”, “This poster from Hogwarts” “This is one of the top questions of the universe, which science has no answer” — post.

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