New movies and series to watch on Netflix this weekend






Netflix balance at any number of films and series in its catalog each week, without note or the platform to do the announcement formally. Each week-end, Wide-Screen will be up on few of the titles added by Netflix in its catalogue, movies and series, combined, original or not, in a non-exhaustive list.

So, what are the movies and series not to be missed this weekend on the streaming platform ?




It’s about what ? The olympic runner Louis Zamperini, who became a pilot during the Second world War, is taken prisoner by the Japanese and will have to fight to survive.

Why it is necessary to look ? Presented as one of the top favorites for the Oscars 2015, Invincible Angelina Jolie (for whom this was the second film at the time) has finally been able to do anything in the face of Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Boyhood. It must be said that this epic is sorely lacking in terms of inventiveness and reveals hyper classic in its developed as in its staging. Still an impressive fresco range by a superb Jack O’connell, and a beautiful sincere tribute or even moving to the real Louis Zamperini. Because yes, if you did not know, Invincible is based on a true story.


Jack O’connell



It’s about what ? The last mortal in a world where men are become immortals, Nemo Nobody, age of 120 years old, passes his life in review and wondering if he made the right choice.

Why it is necessary to look at ? In the manner of The butterfly Effect, the film of Jaco van Dormael shows that a multitude of lives a result of each choice that is made and that, as long as one does not choose, everything is possible.

From the drama to comedy to science-fiction, the film is made to evolve a whole bunch of stories and assumptions, and shows the importance of imagination. The viewer, not knowing where lies the reality and where is the fiction, sees the philosophical discourse existentialist behind. The experience is unsettling, and in some respects, reveals a beautiful moment of cinema. Jared Leto, surrounded by Diane Kruger, Sarah Polley and Linh Dan Pham, do is probably not for nothing.


“I have changed a lot of chain to go on Netflix but my arms are taken”



It’s about what ? Forced to accept an arranged marriage with a king, a protestant, to bring peace, Margot falls in love with another man, and triggers tragic events.

Why it is necessary to look ? It sometimes withholds the film from Patrice Chéreau, a souvenir of austerity. Queen Margot and her monstrous ballet of death, of passions, of murder and madness comes to correct this false perspective. Fresco sensual and brutal, led by Isabelle Adjani and Daniel Auteuil, dedicated to a character “evil” of the novel national and to the Saint Bartholomew’s day, it remains one of the most spectacular achievements of the French cinema of the 90s.


“Kneel to the king Netflix which accepts us into his humble home”



It’s about what ? A secretary who is deaf tired of being treated as an entity to be negligible indistinguishable and disposable component thanks to committed a thief handsome man to concoct his revenge.

Why it is necessary to look at ? This is the great take-off for Jacques Audiard, after Watching the men fall (three Cesar including best first film), and A hero very discreet (Prize for best screenplay at Cannes, 1996). With this history of almost love twisted between a deaf woman and a man out of prison, the son of Michel Audiard imposes itself definitively as one of the authors of the most important of his generation. It also Emmanuelle Devos (Cesar for best actress) one of his finest roles, which escapes stereotypes, between sweetness and violence, tenderness and antipathy. More than the part polar, it is the relationship that is ambiguous between these two outcasts, who find themselves almost senseless into a corner, where the company has arranged, which are moved and marks the spirit.


1983 SEASON 1

It’s about what ? Decades after a terrorist attack, a law student and a cop uncover a conspiracy that has strengthened the iron curtain, and encouraged the repression in Poland.

Why it is necessary to look at ? After his first series German with Dark, Italian with Suburra, French with the desolate Marseille, brazil with 3% and many others… Netflix continues its world tour through Poland, 1983. Performed by Agnieszka Holland, the series presents itself as a kind of The Man in The High Castle. The uchronie presented here will probably be the average, beyond the Polish case, to revisit the History with a large H in the heart of a historical thriller both exciting and intimate. Waiting for the return of the big fish in the platform, this new original creation could well be one of the good surprises of the end of the year.



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