New movies and series to watch on Netflix this weekend






Netflix balance at any number of films and series in its catalog each week, without note necessarily immediately or the platform to do the announcement formally. Each week-end, Wide-Screen will be up on few of the titles added by Netflix in its catalogue, movies and series, combined, original or not, in a non-exhaustive list.

So, what are the movies and series not to be missed this weekend on the streaming platform ?




It’s about what ? A world in which lives of people and animals that are like people. Actor has been an old sitcom, half-depressed, and clearly an alcoholic, incapable of loving and being loved, BoJack Horseman is trying to live. Or rather, survive.

Why it is necessary to look ? Because it is one of the series most intriguing of these last years, able as well to cause a giggle to draw some tears. Raphael Bob-Waksberg has created a world of awesome that is full of details (it would be necessary to review almost every episode, to scrutinise the backgrounds), and that behind its air of big circus colorful portrait deep black and beautiful of a lost man. BoJack Horseman is enhanced with the time, the seasons, taking care to develop its characters beyond the appearances, stereotypes, and offering episodes absolutely beautiful. There is no doubt that the fifth season will continue this momentum, and with a little luck, it will gain in popularity.




It’s about what ? In this novelized account of a meeting telling the reporter from “Rolling Stone” David Lipsky follows the famous writer David Foster Wallace for five days.

Why it is necessary to look ? Directly released via VOD in France, The End of The Tour had made a sensation at the Festival of Sundance in 2015. Considered as a suitor serious Oscar (also distributed by A24, which will win finally the prestigious statuette the following year with Moonlight), the film has not met with the desired success. It must be said that it was distributed in only 350 rooms in its heyday and was eventually forgotten over the weeks. Yet, the film directed by James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now) and worn by the duo of Jason Segel – Jesse Eisenberg is an abounding work on the art of communication, on the act of creation and the art of the pass.


Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg



It’s about what ? After more than twenty years spent in a mental hospital, Norman Bates returns to the family home, but is it really freed from his “mother’s” tyrannical ?

Why it is necessary to look at ? Nobody needed a sequel to the masterpiece of Alfred Hitchcock, but against all odds, Richard Franklin comes out with honors. Psychosis II has only been a modest B-series, it contains enough surprises and flashes of anguish to astound the viewer curious. And then once again Anthony Perkins is imperial, accompanied by the young Meg Tilly and the sublime Vera Miles in one of his last appearances in the cinema.


Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, a nightmare-undying



It’s about what ? Filmmakers Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund investigate and point their objective about St. Bernadine, a private school recently targeted by a vandal who calls himself the Turd Hidden. Kevin McClain, a student of the terminal, has been returned and is awaiting trial, but what is justice ? The dice are they stacked, the system is organized against those without rights ? And who is the Turd Hidden ?

Why it is necessary to look ? If you are already connoisseurs of the show, so it is useless to tell you why American Vandal is a series to watch. For others, you will see it is very simple. Original series Netflix, American Vandal is to take the second degree since it is like a parody of blithely documentaries and reporting realistic as Making a Murderer. Absolutely no headache, she will entertain you certainly, if you ever don’t know what to do with your weekend.




It’s about what ? Arrested for trafficking, Stefano Cucchi endure the violence of the Italian police and a court system that is broken. A shock of prison and societal inspired by a true story.

Why it is necessary to look at ? Presented at the last Venice film Festival, On my skin, Alessio Cremonini is a real movie punch. From its first moments and thanks to a scene striking and very neat, the feature-length film, it impacts the retina and captive. The fate of this young man, brilliantly portrayed by Alessandro Borghi, questions the social problems of Italy, where the elites are corrupt or believe any permit. He will be missed no doubt a bit of pace and subject matter to the work on the length for that she is passionate about fully, but for a second film, it was a great success.


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