New movies and series to watch on Netflix this weekend






Netflix balance at any number of films and series in its catalog each week, without note necessarily immediately or the platform to do the announcement formally. Each week-end, Wide-Screen will be up on few of the titles added by Netflix in its catalogue, movies and series, combined, original or not, in a non-exhaustive list.

So, what are the movies and series not to be missed this weekend on the streaming platform ?




It’s about what ? Between past and present, the members of a broken family cope with memories of terrifying events that occurred in a house that was once forced to flee.

Why it is necessary to look ? It was one of the directors of fantastic the most promising, but with the series of which it is question here, Mike Flanagan comes into the great court. In pondering over several decades the traumas that shake a family literally haunted by his encounter with a place of evil, it book a work of terrifying that moving.

Find our full review of the series.




It’s about what ? In 1905, a vagabond party to rescue his sister kidnapped is grappling with a religious sect claim on an isolated island.

Why it is necessary to look at ? First reason to throw themselves on The Good Apostle : it is directed by Gareth Evans, the genius who marked and returned the spirits with The Raid and The Raid 2 : Berandal. The filmmaker has shown a wondrous talent for staging the action, the violence, the beatings and the body, and this story of a man who faces a cult on an isolated island has everything to be fantastic. Second reason : this man is played by Dan Stevens. In the series, Legion, the actor is excellent, and his beautiful angel face cache clearly a demon who just wants to go. With Michael Sheen as a prophet, The Good Apostle is one of menus the most attractive of the month.




It’s about what ? After atrocious attacks in Norway, a young survivor, bereaved families and the country together to rebuild and obtain justice. Inspired from real facts.

Why it is necessary to look at ? Paul Greengrass was not re-emerged in the spotlight since his last feature film, Jason Bourne out in 2016. Director of Revenge in the skin , or Bloody sunday, Paul Greengrass is not afraid to show the violence on screen. And this is surely what will make you the most thrill in A July 22. Told through several perspectives, in this tragic story unfolds mainly from the point of view of a young survivor of the summer camp. A film of shock and terrifying, which was presented at the Venice film Festival on September 5, last.




It’s about what ? Pastry and talented artist Christine McConnell fills out his haunted house designs that are as spellbinding that scary… creatures and ferociously disturbing.

Why it is necessary to look at ? There are people who make a egg at the dish, without breaking the yolk as a messy, is already a challenge out of the ordinary, and then other as this dear Christine McConnell who prepare cakes and creations worthy of the best pastry chef. A little zany, crossed-out, atypical, this new series stamped Netflix is mid-way between the fiction and the talk-show. Watch and you’ll know precisely how to cook cakes in the form of bones, skulls, or spiders. A idea fun for you to put in the kitchen, and that falls to pic to prepare you for the arrival of Halloween.




It’s about what ? Inspired by the folklore of the basque, this is the story of a blacksmith who torture the demon he holds responsible for his misery, until an orphaned process demands.

Why it is necessary to look ? Discreetly presented to the public during the last edition of the Festival of Gérardmer, Errementari : The Blacksmith and the Devil is there to remind us of the force of the cinema of the Spanish style. Lovers feeling strong there will no doubt be sensitive to this story, mixing fantasy, tradition outcome of the legends, alchemy, and satanism, all with a master’s degree in visual and it is a pleasure to see. A film produced by the excellent Álex de la Iglesia, that we had met there a little over a year, on the occasion of the release of Trapped.


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