New scandal: Nissan admitted to falsification of data on emissions

Новый скандал: Nissan признался в фальсификации данных о вредных выбросах

Manipulation of the measurements do not apply to export models.Nissan has confessed to falsification of emission levels of harmful emissions and fuel consumption for 19 models sold on the Japanese market. According to the management of the brand, during the most recent inspection revealed that the test environment for the cars did not meet existing norms, and in the final reports indicate the changed data.

In a statement released by the press service of the Japanese manufacturer, provided that we are talking about more than 900 passenger cars, the emissions of harmful substances which were adulterated. It is noted that manipulations with measurements do not apply to export models, and cars for the domestic market fully comply with applicable safety standards.

For Nissan this is the second scandal associated with poor final inspection of vehicles. In October last year, the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport of Japan (MLIT terminals) have accused the company of Nissan in violation of the law in respect of inspection machines. According to authorities, over the last 39 years, such checks were performed by unqualified personnel.

During the investigation, Nissan has suspended work on all Japanese plants. The company also announced a recall of 1.2 million cars sold in the Japanese market from October 2014.

However, the largest scandal involving the manipulation of data burst in relation to the Volkswagen. In 2015, the Agency for environmental protection in the United States accused the manufacturer of intentionally underreporting the level of harmful emissions and the use of special software.

This was the reason for the departure of the company’s management to resign and recall 11 million vehicles worldwide. The amount of lawsuits and penalties amounted to $ 90 billion. Later involvement in the suspected fraud is also the Porsche and Audi.

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