New year in jail: Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin arrest extended for another two months

Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev

Today there are new details in a criminal case players-brawlers Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev, who in early October of this year he started a fight right in the center of Moscow. A few hours ago in the Tver court of capital has held a hearing concerning the preventive measure for athletes — their sentence in prison expires December 8, and the result sought for extension.

The court took almost five hours to make the final decision: arrest Kokorin and Mamamia (the fight being perpetrated by athletes, by the way, provoked a wave of memes on the network) was eventually extended for another two months. The court took into consideration that the defendants might abscond and start to put pressure on witnesses, and provided additional time for collecting evidence in the case. After the verdict, Alexander Kokorin did not hide the fact that not satisfied with the decision of the court.

The court chose too harsh a measure for us. We’ve helped the investigation out. We found the missing witnesses,

— said Kokorin told reporters.

Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin

It is noteworthy that today old friends Kokorin and Mamaev, which is not the first time fall into a scandalous situation, for the first time in two months was found in the building of the court — the players immediately began to discuss the latest news and joking, shyly covering his smile with his hands.

At the meeting Alexander and Paul could see their family and friends who came to support them. Interestingly, in the courthouse today there is a spouse and Pavel Mamayev, who has previously stated that she was ashamed of the act of the husband, and even said he was going to file for divorce. Apparently, now Alan Mamayev changed the temper justice with mercy and decided not to leave her husband in such a difficult situation — after hearing the verdict, it without any review hurried away from the courthouse in his black Mercedes.

Alan and Pavel Mamayev

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