New York passed a new law to help pregnant women and new mothers

Нью-Йорк принял новый закон в помощь беременным и роженицам

New York passed a new law to help pregnant women and new mothers

Author: Natalia Nikolaeva


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The law, which was proposed this year mother’s Day was adopted by the city Council on Wednesday. Now the city will subsidise the additional services to care for children.

Among other things, the law provides:

  • free diapers to homeless shelters and city institutions
  • specially equipped rooms for breast-feeding in prisons and police stations.
  • private employers who have more than 15 employees will also have to furnish a room or to find an alternative and to provide its employees with written information about the availability of this room.
  • revised reporting procedures on mortality of giving birth in the health Department of the city.
  • the city Council also directs the Department of health to create a plan to simplify access to services Dole (assistants during pregnancy and childbirth, providing practical, informational and psychological support, not using medical methods) for pregnant women.

The city already has several programs that support services of Dole, including those funded by Federal forces project, which was launched in 2010, and provided free support to approximately 670 women with a low income. Another program funded by the city Council, also offers doula services to low-income women.

We already know that the work of a doula has a positive effect, “–said before the vote of the city Council Helen Rosenthal, who represented the bill.

In new York, about 30 women a year die from various causes related to pregnancy. According to a report in 2016, for every dead had about 100 who almost died.

Nan Strauss, Director of policy and advocacy nonprofit organization, Every Mother Counts, said that studies show improve results delivery with the support from the Dole.

To make the Dole available to all women in new York, would be… to ensure that women have access to quality care and support they need for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth“.

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