New York Public Library now produces not only books, but also ties, bags and briefcases

New York Public Library теперь выдает не только книги, но и галстуки, сумки и портфели

New York Public Library now produces not only books, but also ties, bags and briefcases

Author: Natalia Osmolovskaya

Photo: New York Public Library

New York Public Library new York USA

In addition to the books of the new York public library began to issue more and business accessories: ties, handbags and briefcases. Why? To its subscribers “in full dress” to go to a job interview, an exam, a wedding.

Experimental program Grow Up Fashion Work Library began testing in August. Regular visitors of the library where the fines on the subscriber card does not exceed $15, can obtain the necessary business accessory for a formal event.

The author of the unusual project — an employee of the Riverside branch libraries in Manhattan, Michelle Lee. The girl held a series of special seminars on employment for students of the nearby high school. And helping teenagers prepare for the job interview, she noticed that most of them have not had the opportunity to purchase the necessary accessories (ties, bags, briefcases). Then Michelle decided to help them to solve the problem.

She sent an application to the New York Public Library Innovation Project, which annually studies to 300 of the submitted programs and funds 25 the best of them. Dedicated to her project, Michelle Lee used to purchase stylish handbags, briefcases and ties. Also the library collection business accessories can replenish anyone, donating unnecessary items from your wardrobe.

Subscribers New York Public Library can borrow a necessary accessory for up to 3 weeks. Since the launch of the program took about 10 people.

Also in the library continue to conduct seminars on preparing for a job interview.

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