Newly discovered asteroid could strike the Earth in the coming decades

Вновь найденный астероид может поразить Землю в ближайшие десятилетия

Recently opened, the asteroid could crash into us in a few decades.

Asteroid 2019 SU3 now doesn’t look dangerous, but can be a serious problem in a few decades. Nasadka only added to the List of risks of the European space Agency, and according to the calculations of a team of astrophysicists, he will make an extremely close pass around our planet approximately 65 years.

In the year 2084 2019 SU3 will come closer to us only 6.5 thousand kilometers. Based on the observations of the asteroid’s trajectory, the collision risk remains relatively small, even under the most pessimistic estimates of the probability of an attack is less than 1%. However, the fact that the odds are not equal to zero, means that astronomers have to monitor this object.