Nibiru at anything: the world will end in December 2018, three days earlier

Нибиру ни при чем: конец света наступит в декабре 2018 года на три дня раньше

Many conspiracy theorists lately talking about the fact that in December 2018 on Earth come to an end, and if ufologists have linked the impending Apocalypse, which, according to them, come 16 December, with the planet Nibiru. This is reported by Russian media.

At the same time, researcher-enthusiast from the Netherlands Frank Hoogerbeets said about the death of humanity on December 13.

He is confident that in the next few days on Earth there will be an earthquake capable of destroying all life. According to him, at this time, Earth is between Venus and Uranus, causing the gravitational pull of celestial bodies can shift tectonic plates, and it will lead to tragic consequences.

The researcher is convinced that the power of this earthquake almost 90% higher than a nine.

A natural disaster may be felt by people in all corners of the Earth, and it will happen, according to him, in the coming days.

Its forecast for Dutch based on your index geometry of the Solar system (SSGI), which is “a calculation of the dataset for a given time interval the values of specific geometric positions of the planets, moon and Sun.” The researcher noted that after three years of observation pit, it became clear that the planetary geometry in the Solar system “leads to an increase in seismicity”.

However, the official science denies this view, stating that earthquakes can not be predicted.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the Apocalypse could happen ahead of time: “death Star” will break the Earth into small pieces.

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